Iulia Weingold

Iulia Weingold

I am a public relations specialist with a soft spot for writing. I worked for many years as a technical writer and occasionally I still do. This led me to better understand why the IT industry needs a lot more of creative communication through storytelling, and that's the reason we started this blog. Enjoy!

Teleworking, as we never knew it

Just a few weeks ago, when looking up images for remote working, most results were picturing a beach, a cocktail, and some shadowy palms in the background. Today, we are all painting a very different picture. Since mid-March, I would say about 95%...

Our QA automation study group

The Sharing Knowledge series is meant to bring forward the various ways in which professionals in our organization put together their efforts, in order to fulfill their learning needs, and take advantage of the available resources. Our QA automation...

What makes RomSoft – a coming of age list

Every year, on December 19th, we celebrate the company birthday. This year, we are turning 18. It’s a mature age, and there are many things we’d like to share. But above all, we’d like to write down the most important things that make us who we are...